Something About Beginnings

There’s something about beginnings that makes them difficult. They are overwhelming because you see the whole magnitude that is set before you. Like the first day of a new semester when you get your syllabi and see everything you need to accomplish in the next 3 months. Like when you see an old acquaintance you have not been in contact with for awhile and are unsure how to start the conversation. Like when you sit down at your computer to begin a paper and you decide to skip the intro because you really don’t know where the paper is going anyhow. Like when you need to start packing but it sends you into a sort of depression because you “just don’t know what you will need” . Like when you decide to start a blog and aren’t sure where to begin….Like when you decide to say yes to an opportunity to teach in Albania

The other thing about beginnings though is that they are exciting! Anything can be, anything!

Since I decided to talk about beginnings I should probably explain where this journey began. It was graduation weekend and all previous plans for the future had fallen through but I was surprisingly not that stressed about this. I was at a breakfast for the education majors and Don, the head of our masters program, asked me if I would consider going to Albania to teach. And that’s really the short version of the story…but also says it all; he asked, and although I had, in fact, I have many questions, concerns, and doubts that I’ve been working through, inside myself I knew I would say yes, that I should say yes. So I did and I fly out on August 1st. Which is quite soon!

And so it begins.


9 thoughts on “Something About Beginnings

  1. 1. I have subscribed to your blog.
    2. It looks great! You are a better designer than I… to my shame.
    3. You should delete the comment above this 😉
    4. …I can’t read all of your blog for some reason… I think some of it was cut out… unless that is what you meant to do…
    5. I love you and can’t wait to see you soon!

    • 1. you should reread it because it is now fixed?
      2. wordpress designed it and I simply chose something I found attractive
      3. and 4. i have deleted it, and fixed the cut out part ….but to my credit (or demise) I did not realize i had posted that unfinished blog, truly it was an accident and a work in process, and kind of embarrassing
      5. I love you too!

  2. Kristi… I’ve had your prayer card sitting here on my kitchen counter… not only does it remind me to pray for you, but others that come through my home have noticed and asked about what you are doing…. I look forward to following your ministry.

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