A new semester…new lessons

We started a new semester this week. I am now a high school Geometry teacher….who would have imagined?

These are my wonderful 11th grade Geometry students(minus two students who were absent).  


I will have the privilege of teaching this group of 11th grade students all year; from English Foundations, to Careers & Communication, and now I have them for Geometry. They are a fun group!  They are also a talkative group! I have loved teaching them and building the relationship we now have.

I do, however, often wonder what I am doing when I walk out of my classroom. I know that I am doing many things right, but let’s be honest, there are many times I leave my classroom wondering how to be a better teacher.  I desire my students to be successful in my classroom, to leave feeling better about themselves, to have experienced something that leads them to view themselves as creative, smart, capable, compassionate, and beautiful. I want to leave my classroom feeling like that day mattered. So I rack my brain to figure out how to make this ideal a reality. I ask advice from other teachers about how to do this better. I intercede for these students by voicing their struggles, in hopes that I can make what happens in my class more effective.

But here is a confession, although I pray for God to enter my classroom, I rarely go to him for advice as a teacher, to ask him to make me more like himself, The Teacher! Jesus is the ultimate teacher, and I seriously doubt he is racking his brain for ways to be more effective. Perhaps instead of trying to be more effective on my own, I just need to join him in what he is doing. I can ask him what it is I can do.

I wonder how long Jesus has been trying to teach this me this one?


2 thoughts on “A new semester…new lessons

  1. Good point. Maybe we haven’t thought about Jesus as Teacher so much since we have always been encouraged to think about him as more than “just” a teacher. May God bless you and others through you by God’s Spirit, with insight, ideas, guidance and all that’s wise and good. Love, Joy, Peace be with you, Jane

  2. Kristi
    Enjoyed reading your blog – I find what you are doing as a first year teacher simply amazing and quite courageous.
    Our church, Christiansburg mennonite fellowship, near Virginia Tech will be praying for you this Sunday and throughout the week. We would love to hear from you if you have specific prayer requests.
    Peace, Janet Yoder

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