“Today is the first day of the rest of your life”. One of my middle school teachers (a Mr. Bob Troyer) used to say this all the time, and I never really thought it very profound or anything but I guess he repeatedly said it enough that it stuck and for whatever reason it pops into my head all the time. When I am trying to quickly think of a quote to put on my board as wisdom for my students, whenever anyone starts a sentence with “Today…..”, even when I am trying to think of inspiration for my blog.

When it pops into my head the quote doesn’t even usually apply in a practical way….or does it? You really would think that if I thought this quote so many times I have at least considered its meaning…but I never have, at least before now….

Everyday I have the chance to remake myself, or better yet, to give myself over to let God remake me. There is the possibility for anything, any change. Today could make a difference; in my life, how I will live, who I will be.

So today matters. Today I want to view myself as an instrument of God.


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